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Temporary Continuity Surcharge on NZPost Courier

1 March, 2022

NZ Post has advised that from 1 April 2022 they will be introducing a 2.5% temporary surcharge. Unfortunately we need to pass this on to our customers. NZ Post had a huge surge in orders being couriered during the Delta lockdowns and now with Omicron taking hold, the measures taken by NZ Post to try and mitigate this surge has meant an increase is needed.

On your behalf we asked for a detail explanation of the cost structure and were satisfied with the rational presented, albeit it another cost. The benefit of continuity in the supply chain is extremely important and the challenges as we have all have faced over the last 24 months has demonstrated that if we can’t achieve this then we face greater costs via customer service and administration as well as reputational damage.

The surcharge will

- Allow NZ Post to resource their teams to mitigate as much as possible the severe impacts on customers and network

- Be in pace while NZ Post is impacted by external factors that increase the cost to deliver services, over and above “Business as Usual”

-Be reviewed monthly until such time that additional costs are no longer required to avoid severe impacts to our customers and network

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