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ROCPAC Christchurch Warehouse Relocation

20 July, 2020

With changing times, the challenges we are faced with and unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances within our industry in regards to COVID-19’s impact on our business, ROCPAC has been working with our existing customers to consolidate and reduce our warehousing associated costs and foot-print. We would therefore like to announce that we will be relocating our Christchurch warehouse facility. The team at ROCPAC would like to thank the wider team at Sorted Logistics for their high quality, customised warehousing management systems, and services in the last 6 years. Our time with Sorted Logistics has seen amazing partnerships and business relationships which go beyond borders, and we highly recommend their services to interested parties that are considering warehousing management solutions. We will close our current Christchurch warehouse facility Friday 31st July, to begin the transition and will re-open for normal operation at our new location on Monday 3rd August. Our business, including website, email, and telephones, will be fully operational during the transition. You will not experience any degradation in our services during this time. Please update your records with our new contact information (below):ROCPAC International c/- Supply Chain Solutions 620 Main South Road Islington CHRISTCHURCH 8042

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