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Welcome to EMPOWER – The Environmental Management Programme ethics of ROCPAC

EMPOWER is ROCPAC’s voluntary commitment to sustainability and environmentally responsible practices. Our business, ROCPAC International, is a leader in the telecommunications technology industry. We have been distributing products and services to the telecommunications and utilities industries in New Zealand and the Pacific region since 1996. ROCPAC provides industry-related materials to the telecommunications sector of New Zealand, offering value to our customers through our innovative systems and product knowledge while supporting our customers in the Pacific with Telecommunication and IT products.

Our commitment to the environment

As a New Zealand business, we value our unique environment and natural resources, as well as the “clean green” Kiwi image. We at ROCPAC value the trust of our customers and our community to follow high business ethics as well as being environmentally responsible to New Zealand and to the planet. We hold regular round-table forums to review our “green ethics,” and we value the contributions each individual ROCPAC staff member makes towards our goal of constantly improving our internal systems in order to continually better our sustainable practices.

Reviewing and reporting

Our environmental objectives are reviewed regularly, and our audits are conducted biennially. Our environmental audits include measuring energy consumption, water, waste, and transport.

Continued improvement

ROCPAC measures its success not only on the improvements we have made, but also on the developments and ongoing advancements we implement for the future. Our commitment to the environment grows in step with the growth of our company. We understand that the power for improvement lies within each one of us – the ability to EMPOWER.

Our environmental objectives

We have introduced the practice of establishing company-wide objectives which are the building blocks of our plans for reducing our impact on the environment, both professionally and personally. This year, our environmental objectives include:

- Developing awareness within our staff of the impacts we as individuals have on our environment and behaving proactively to minimise this impact

- Continually improving our environmental performance by demonstrating leadership through consistent advancements within our environmental practices which are reviewed regularly

- Adhering to environmental initiatives initiated by our staff and agreed upon during monthly team meetings
More specifically, our main objectives include:

Increasing recycling
Reducing unnecessary landfill waste
Reducing use of company vehicles

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