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Level 3 and ROCPAC update

With Auckland moving into Alert Level 3, ROCPAC is continuing to function as normal albeit with reduced staff in the warehouse in order to reduce any possible COVID transmission. We have been fortunate to avoid any outbreaks within our operations as well as avoiding any unforeseen delays in receiving and shipping materials. With that being said, the courier network through the country has been running at a reduced capacity due to COVID limitations and ROCPAC is working with all our freight associates to meet our customer requirements. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our CS team. Stay safe, stay masked. Let's all see Level 2 in two weeks so we can all enjoy our summer.

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General Update AUG-21

With New Zealand remaining on Level 1 alert status regarding COVID-19 for quite some time, the country has been in a fairly unique position which has allowed business and trade to generally proceed as normal. However, as many of our supply chain partners have noticed, international freight and access to materials has been the cause of many ongoing delays and increases in costs, issues which have been further complicated by extreme weather events in some key distribution and manufacturing areas. ROCPAC stands with the rest of the world as we watch these unfortunate events unfold, and our thoughts go to all those affected by these calamities. We must also acknowledge that, as a key supply chain partner in the NZ telecommunications market, we have a responsibility to navigate our way through these issues while mitigating unnecessary delays where possible which affect both our supplier and our customer ends. We are continuing to work closely with our partners to ensure delays are kept to a minimum as we look forward for new opportunities to deliver improved services in supply chain management.

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