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Technology Supply

Technology Supply Supply of equipment for utility network maintenance, capital build and upgrade Full inter-operation with customer enterprise and billing systems Full on-line e-commerce Demand forecasting and material planning Order pack and despatch to strict KPI standards Flexible and comprenhensive activity reporting systems Job costing and material cost estimation systems Consolidated freight Savings from Economies of Scale Technology Services Best fit network technology Value added technology guidance Field force remote inventory control systems Remote tracking of high value network inventory

Company History

December 1999 ROCOM Pacific is created by Paul Van Dorp (MD) and commences export business to all major telecommunications carriers in the Pacific region.
June 2003 ROCOM Pacific commences New Zealand based telecommunications materials supply
June 2004 ROCOM Pacific re-named as ROCPAC International Ltd.
September 2004 ROCPAC wins long term contract to supply telecommunications materials for all Telecom, now Chorus contractors, commencing with Broadspectrum NZ Ltd (Formerly Transfield Services Limited) for maintenance of the Telecom New Zealand network.
September 2006 ROCPAC rolls out material supply to Downer NZ Ltd.
March 2007 David Belcher appointed as Chairman of the Board of ROCPAC to diversify the ROCPAC business.
June 2009 ROCPAC launches full e-commerce capability and commences to supply materials to newly entered service company Visionstream Pty Ltd and their delivery partners nationwide.
November 2017 ROCPAC awarded Chorus consigned materials / supply chain management contract.

Company Overview

ROCPAC International is an independent and 100% New Zealand owned technology supply and technology services company to the utilities sector in New Zealand and the Pacific Region. It operates in the energy,enterprise and telecommunications sectors. ROCPAC supplies equipment and services for the networks of Chorus, Vodafone, TelstraClear, Transpower and several Lines Companies in the power distribution industry. ROCPAC also supplies equipment and services for the build programmes of all the major UFB fibre optic network deployments through-out New Zealand. ROCPAC exports equipment and technology services to utilities companies throughout the Pacific Region.

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